Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaws are the rules and regulations through which local governments operate and which permit residents enjoyment of their properties while protecting from negative impacts to and from neighbouring properties. There are bylaws covering zoning, unsightly premises, building, noise, open burning, and weapons, just to name a few.

The Bylaw Enforcement Division is also responsible for parking and traffic enforcement. Over the summer months, the Commissionaires are contracted to provide parking enforcement.

Bylaw complaints

The majority of bylaws are enforced on a complaint-only basis.  In accordance with District policy, complaints involving private property will be acted upon if the complaint is made by an individual or individual(s) by telephone, in person, in writing or by email.

The nature of the complaint will be reviewed to determine whether a contravention has occurred. If it is determined that there is no contravention, the complainant will be advised that no further action is being taken. Where a contravention is determined, the property owner/occupier will be encouraged to voluntarily rectify the situation.

To make a complaint, please ensure that all complaints include your name, address, phone number, relationship to the property or individual that you are making the complaint about, and the issue. This information is considered as confidential and will not be released, unless under an order made by the Provincial Information and Privacy Commissioner, or if required in a court of law through due process. Anonymous complaints are not accepted.

On the District website:  Fill out the "Contact Us" form, which is also available under Quick Links on the homepage.

During office hours:
Phone:  250-550-1503
Fax:      250-545-4733

In the evenings, on weekends and statutory holidays:
Phone:  250-545-5304.  At the message, press the number 2 which will connect to the Commissionaires.

In person:  At the Coldstream Building Department in the Municipal Hall.


Bylaw Offence Payments

There are a number of ways you can pay a Bylaw Offence Notice.  Payments must be received within the noted time limits to receive the discounted amount.  No exceptions will be made.


Click here


Cheque or money order only.

District of Coldstream
9901 Kalamalka Road
Coldstream, B.C.  V1B 1L6

Please make your cheque or money order payable to the District of Coldstream.  Do not send cash in the mail.  A dishonoured cheque will not be considered payment of the penalty within the prescribed time.  Additional charges will apply to NSF cheques.  Postmarks are not accepted as date of payment.


Debit card, Cash or Cheque
8:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday
District of Coldstream Municipal Office
9901 Kalamalka Road
Coldstream, B.C.


For payments outside of regular hours at the Municipal Office, a drop box is located outside the main door of the office at 9901 Kalamalka Road.  Do not leave cash in drop boxes.


Please contact Bylaw Enforcement office at 250-545-5304.


  • If the ticket is paid within 14 days, a discount will apply, depending on the amount of the issued notice.
  • If after 14 days the ticket is not paid, and the ticket has not been disputed, the opportunity to dispute the ticket is lost and the penalty will immediately become due and payable.
  • If after 28 days, the ticket is not paid, a surcharge will be added, depending on the amount of the issued ticket.
  • If after 28 days, the bylaw notice has not been paid, nor a request for an Adjudication Hearing made, a letter is sent providing final opportunity to pay.  If payment is still not received after a further 28 days, the ticket may be forwarded to our collection agent and/or court action taken.

Bylaw contraventions may be enforced with ticketed fines through either:



The District of Coldstream
9901 Kalamalka Road
Coldstream, BC V1B 1L6
Tel: (250) 545-5304
Fax: (250) 545-4733
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Closed on Statutory Holidays
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